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New A.I. system, PhysX 3.1.1 and fixed that damned water transparency and depth sorting issue

The A.I. part: For a final’s exam this semester, I had to develop a multi-agent system that could play team-based 2-on-2 tenis (with a soccer ball) and came up with this: It’s just the first test of the AI Framework used to create multiple agents for single or team-based interactions. Just a test of visual …

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SceneGraph and ResourceManager

[notice][Warning: This post will be updated as I progress][/notice] For now, the basic SceneGraph structure for the island scene produces this output: ( root ) -Sun ( Sun ) -box ( box ) –box_box.obj-submesh-0 ( box.obj-submesh-0 ) -Default omni light 0 ( Default omni light 0 ) –Default omni light 0_impostor ( Default omni light …

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Fixed water and added shadows. Now … the SceneGraph …

Well, water is up and … flowing 🙂 Reflections are working nicely and so are caustic effects. Refractions are good but transparency needs tweaking. The hard part’s over: And shadow map generation is getting better and better.  Only directional lights are working for now, but still:   Now that the engine supports some more rendering …

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Broken water and Post Processing effects

Been working on fixing water rendering issues (water plane Y-position keeps changing with camera movement) and ended up adding PostFX ;)) I’ll post the water issues later (when I find a fix for them, so that I don’t seem stupid for missing something obvious), but the post processing engine was needed for underwater rendering. So, …

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Trac is Up, Milestones are set, Framework crashes all the time .. great :D


Project Hosting: As a recent attempt to make a friend see all of the changes I’m committing via SVN, I’ve moved the entire code-base to Trac thanks to the people at What this means: Timeline:  every change to the code is archived and documented on a line-by-line basis. Roadmap: the various milestones we’ve set …

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From the depths of my chair … I salute thee!

Ok, I’ll be adding some content to this, taking about who I am, and why am I here and stuff like that. Really busy now, can’t be bothered with blog filling non-sense, but I promise, stuff will appear here automagically.

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