Category: Project Management

Lack of updates

This wasn’t exactly a “quick” update as promised, but boy was it hectic around here lately. Hopefully, those interested in the code didn’t mind the lack of posts on the site and/or blog, as the commit history on the XP-Dev project provided all of the interesting news (code-wise) a programmer really needs. And since this …

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Temporary project standstill

I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but due to some personal issues (house reconstruction) my development PC’s are packed in boxes until ~10 September. Development should continue normally after that.   P.S. On the plus side: +1 in carpentering,¬† +2 in bricklaying , +2 in electrical wiring and +1 in roofing. Almost a …

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Trac is Up, Milestones are set, Framework crashes all the time .. great :D


Project Hosting: As a recent attempt to make a friend see all of the changes I’m committing via SVN, I’ve moved the entire code-base to Trac thanks to the people at What this means: Timeline: ¬†every change to the code is archived and documented on a line-by-line basis. Roadmap: the various milestones we’ve set …

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