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Bit silly, but I’m happy :D


Bought the car with 4650 miles on the dash. >15K miles later and still going strong. Still over 50% on front brake  pads (I do find this a bit odd, but hey) 😀  

Left all Romanian-centric FB groups (Long rant)

One of the most annoying things you can hear from Romanians in the UK: – “I consider myself to be a better fit here. I don’t like the lifestyle and mentality from back home”. Let me translate that: “I prefer living off the back of a former empire instead of helping my own nation thrive”. …

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Life in the UK: Why it sucks.

[warning]Disclaimer: This is a personal rant, it’s strictly my opinion based on my experiences here.[/warning] Found this article today and was expecting to read some patriotic propaganda, but after reading it twice, it kinda conveys similar feelings to my own about this country: it’s a soulless, consumer driven, mishmash of everything bad (and good, don’t …

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From the depths of my chair … I salute thee!

Ok, I’ll be adding some content to this, taking about who I am, and why am I here and stuff like that. Really busy now, can’t be bothered with blog filling non-sense, but I promise, stuff will appear here automagically.