Finally got the game type nailed down

No exactly huge news, but the I’ve got my game idea all laid out in random ToDo lists and project files.

The main game code will be closed source during development, but the tech updates needed for it will, ofc be open source and free. Once the game is in a playable state / early access, provide full game source (merged back in trunk). Reason behind this: specific game mechanics and game code and formulas should be obfuscated to avoid cheating. Open source version will contain modified code for specific parts of the game.

All of the recent commits have been focused on multithreading and load balancing because the idea requires a fair bit of scale. Not a lot, but a dual-core CPU will not be enough.

So, to get to the point, the main game will incorporate ALL of the current engine’s features: terrain (with water and vegetation) rendering, GOAP based AI, networking, first person camera system, Forward+ lighting and EVSM-CSM.


It ‘s a .. drum roll … “Open arena, objective based competitive shooter with dota-style PVE elements“.

Think Doom(1,2,4)/Quake(1,2,3)/UT(’99, ’16) meets Tribes with Dota creeps and side objectives.

Must have features:

  • LARGE terrain rendering. Basically, a large map (depending on the target number of players/teams), with bases on each side, separated by large pools of water with tight, competitive crossing locations.
    • Not limited to 1 v 1. 3 teams should also be a possibility
    • “separated by large pools of water” – DIVIDEd by large pools of water.
    • Size is needed to allow bunny hopping, speed buildup, sniper camping and other FPS goodies.
  • Foliage should provide some coverage (visual only)
  • Creeps all over the place. The center arena should be crawling with smart mobs that could easily kill you, but give decent drops such as weapons or other items(YTBD).
    • Aggro system à la World of Warcraft/Doom so you could have the creeps follow you, shield you from enemy hits, and attack them instead
  • The game should offer two distinct paces that intertwine all the time:
    • fast pace shooting
    • slow pace sneaking in the shadows (mostly in bases).
      • A few things are needed to handle this but the slow pace stages should never overstay their welcome: sneak in a base, steal something, run. Or run, shoot, sneak behind trees, wait, run, shoot.
  • Day/Night cycle (or just a match setting). Game at night will mostly rely on following lights and shadows, both from player gear or projectiles. Should provide a more tense experience as mobs won’t be lit.
    • Small amount of ambient light will be available (e.g. moon) to avoid unnecessary stress and eye strain.
  • Interiors only lit by artificial light and what windows/holes are available.
    • Add ability to disable lights to hide in shadows
  • No loadouts, customized weapons, special perks,etc
    • Pure FPS experience. Everyone has access to every single weapon with strict damage values and behaviour.
    • In game pickups provide damage boost, shield boost, etc
  • No health/shield regen
    • Pick up health packs, shield items, etc (fight over them)
  • Full physics interaction with environment
    • No idea on how to do this one, but I know I want a player to be able to drop a boulder on another player and kill him.
  • No weapon limit but limited ammo:
    • Carry how many weapons you like/have/found/etc. Manage ammo yourself.
  • Cross-platform play (PC only):
    • Windows, Linux, Mac (if they ever update GL drivers, or implement Vulkan. Screw Metal)
    • Won’t stop someone playing with a pad on PC. It’s their choice as a filthy peasant that they are.
  • Never drop below 60FPS in-game. Ever. Drop FBO resolution, drop particle updates, downgrade graphics automatically, but 60FPS is a minimum. 120FPS is unlikely because I like post processing.
  • TotalBiscuit slider: FoV should be scaled however you like it, but never so much that it wraps around and provides unfair advantage. 110? 120? Sure!
  • As I don’t have access to a team of developers, the graphic quality, animation quality, lack of lipsync, etc will be indie-level at best (duh), but the game (and assets!) will be free for everyone to do what they please.
    • Assets are only free for project-derived usage: Wanna use them in your game/project: NO!. Wanna use them in a mod or personal project: Sure!
    • Code is free, as usual, so I’m counting on others to provide better code for random stuff.
  • Fermi class GPUs should be supported! So, sadly no bindless-ultra-fast ARB extensions unless I find the time to optimise for specific targets.
    • Reason: current laptop has a Fermi GPU and I also use it for development.

That’s about it for now. I’ll keep the list updated on the main website (after I publish it).


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