Lack of updates

This wasn’t exactly a “quick” update as promised, but boy was it hectic around here lately.

Hopefully, those interested in the code didn’t mind the lack of posts on the site and/or blog, as the commit history on the XP-Dev project provided all of the interesting news (code-wise) a programmer really needs. And since this is mainly a research/personal project and a game based on the code is at least 2 years away, I don’t feel the need to explain every decision I make. Twitter/E-mail/FB seem to suffice for now.

So, on to the updates.

  • Framework:
    • There’s a game/demo planned. The engine is, surprisingly, feature-complete for what I have planned.
      • Not a platformer
      • Not 2D
      • Involves a lot of particles, lights, physics and animated units
      • Water/Terrain/Vegetation are essential
      • Minimal networking support
      • Not an RTS (well …)
    • Need to keep a solid 16.66ms frametime with everything enabled (PostFX, shadows, GUI) on my machine (will take most of my development time).
    • Improve/complete the editor and XML interface. Mainly add a couple of external tools for assets. Nothing major.
    • Fix the scene management system (load/unload)
    • Complete the Forward+ renderer
    • Finish the multi-threaded generation of rendering commands in preparation for Vulkan/DX12
  • Personal life:
    • Still waiting on a “sudden” influx of cash to finish my watercooling loop.
    • Received a Dreamcast as a birthday gift. That was awesome. Also bought an Atari 2600.
    • Might change jobs soon enough. Signed up as a C++ developer, worked in Java for over 6 months. Getting fed up.
    • Got a car 😀10974520_924106240947727_4559220109072037624_o









  • About the car:
    • Various exterior and interior mods:
    • The 197BHP/1295Kg PWR of the Juke doesn’t seem to be enough (~ Golf GTI Mk5 / Celica GT4 level). It’s so sporty, it’s basically begging for mods. Especially since mods are dirt cheap.
      • This does not mean that I go racing / do track days in it. I love it to bits and would never endanger it. Not even a speeding ticket yet. It’s mostly a hobby.
    • Got an Injen Cold Air Intake with a Hydroshield on it to avoid hydrolocking.
    • Got a 2J Racing Crank Pulley for easier revving. Insurance company said “Hell no!”. Currently on hold in the boot ’till January when I’ll kindly tell Admiral to shove something somewhere.
    • Next upgrade will be either SS brake lines or this front strut brace (followed by the other one).
    • In the mean time, I’ll also be looking at painting the calipers with Nismo Red.
    • A middle and a rear lower bar are also on the list, because … reasons and Transfăgărășan 😀
    • A FMIC would also be useful, as well as a 2nd Cat delete (or at least a high flow second cat)

That’s about it for now. I guess. Will eventually post screenshots once I get a few hundred lights on screen with a decent framerate.


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