Left all Romanian-centric FB groups (Long rant)

One of the most annoying things you can hear from Romanians in the UK:
– “I consider myself to be a better fit here. I don’t like the lifestyle and mentality from back home”.
Let me translate that: “I prefer living off the back of a former empire instead of helping my own nation thrive”.

An empire that generated a huge amount of income in the course of 2-3 centuries. How did that empire came to be? By building ships, finding primitive nations, enslaving the natives and taking the land and its resources. “Australia Day” anyone? Ask the Aboriginals about their feelings on the matter.

The Dutch, the French,The Spaniards, etc. They all did the same and spread the wealth via political marriages and alliances. An all-out “criminal gang/mob.” Another great empire that tried to do the same? The Ottomans. Where were we? On the other side of those curved, thin swords. Fought them for centuries and the Vatican gave¬† us a glorified merit badge. “Yay”.

Centuries after, the main focus was to apologize for their former mistakes with extensive “human right movements” and “lenient immigration policies”. “Empire” became “commonwealth”. Let’s share the wealth. Hey India, GZ for the satellite around Mars. How’s that poverty thing going?

– “But they are more accepting”. –

Yeah, they have to be. Politically. But that doesn’t always work out. Look at what’s happening in Sweden, Denmark, Germany. The cracks begin to show when “acceptance” conflicts with your laid-back lifestyle and you start noticing the people you “accept”.

I stand by my argument that we, as a nation are among the most accepting and tolerant around these parts. Why? Not because we like people of different religions, sexual orientation or ethnicity, but simply because, we just shrug it off or just don’t care enough.:

–¬† “Fought ottomans? 10% turkish/tatar population in Dobrogea? Meh”

– “Treceti batalioane, romane, Carpatii? Hungarians all over the place? Meh”

– “Damn backstabbing gypsies!!! They are not Romanian. Except that one, or the one next to me in Uni, or the nice taxi driver, or the quiet neighbour”.

– “Gay people are an abomination in the eyes of God!!! Oh, you’re gay? OK”.

(Speaking of God, the trust in the Church fell from about 90% in 2003 to ~58% now. We just learnt how to spot a thief. One of the arguments that I found online amused me … a lot: As a nation we are still capable of praying to God to protect us from getting caught while trying to steal something)

Instead of bashing your home nation, how about doing something productive?

How about protesting about that idiotic registration tax. “No, let’s ban cars with foreign numbers. Allow them 60 days per year and that’s it. Other nations do the same”. Yeah cool. Or, find out why they register their cars in other countries? Buy a Corsa and pay 1500 euros in tax? Yeah … NO.

How about protesting about each and every stupid/unused tax? Road tax / petrol tax? They do indeed sound good on paper. No more potholes. Proper highway maintenance. Etc. Oh, wait … Maybe publish the invoices?

How about calling the cops when you see someone adding an extra floor to their house and the details look fishy / don’t add up?

How about calling the cops when someone parks on the pedestrian crossing? It’s against the law, you know.

No. Let’s just look the other way and hope that one day we can all afford an ULCC ticket to somewhere else.

If you wanna advance in your career and another nation will help you with that, by all means, that’s fine and encouraged.
If you can’t find a job based on your diploma back home, by all means, go somewhere else.
If you just admit that you like money and another nation can offer you more, then please, go ahead.

But stop praising the West and s****ing on your home when the only historical things we have in common is that we share the same planet. We need to catch up Hungary/Poland, not France/UK. Italy at most. No matter how hard you try, you are not and never will be British/French. They’re proud like that. We should be too.

Tired of this s**t.


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