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Finally managed to move the networking code to a separate project (that is free and open source, but you have to find it yourself). Compiled the networking code as ".a" file and linked it with the server code. Compiled the server code on Kubuntu and ran it with "sudo ./DivideServer". The end result? LINUX server and Windows Client working togheter in complete harmony. That means that 2/3 of my projects (networking code and server code) are cross platform \:D/ (used gcc 4.5 on Kubuntu and VC.90 on Windows)

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Get the servercode using this repository: http://xp-dev.com/svn/Divide-Server/ And the networking code using this: http://xp-dev.com/svn/Divide-Networking/ To download and build see the guide bellow for the engine (the system is almost identical) Proper copyright notices will be added later, but I really wanna thank the people at the MaNGOS project for the inspiration on packet structures.