Another short, demonstrating the use of Scott Lee's Assimp Animation Loader class ( in a right-handed system.

Main differences from original code:
-Runs great with OpenGL (original code was for D3D only)

-Able to render each mesh's skeleton

-Each mesh from the Assimp scene get's it's own animator and bones instead of concatenating all the geometry in one single object (i.e. Bob's sword is a separate mesh. So is his head :P; great for Frustum Culling of large objects with a lot of meshes)

-Code remains API independent as all matrices are properly transformed for each rendering API (Direct3D/OpenGL).

-BoundingBoxes are only recalculated once per animation frame and then cached

-The skeleton is calculated once per frame then cached


This update also added support for glVertexAttribPointer based VBO's and Index Buffer Object based rendering.

More info on my blog.