A small Youtube video demonstrating the effects of various "field of view" angles in games.

Most games, especially console ports do not include any FoV options and some are stuck at a hard 60 degrees horizontal. While 60 is fine for TVs in the living room, it is not OK for PC gaming where the monitor is usually 1 to 2 meters from your eyes. Some people can get motion sick from low values.

I would recommend to any developer to add an FoV option (slider in the options menu, config file setting, console command, etc). The excuse that it will break rendering does not hold ground. (The Darkness 2 case - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPDq_q... - is clear evidence).

Any UE3/4 game has FoV options (config file minimum), any CryEngine game has FoV options (console commands minimum) so why don't some idTech based solutions (like CoD: MW3, look it up.) allow you to change this on PC?

Two scenes are presented: an outdoor environment and a small cluster of objects to simulate 2 different gaming environments.

I am not a designer, I am not an editor, I am a programmer, so please excuse the video quality.