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My office is finally ready. Yay!

Got my new case and everything has been screwed together. Got my laptop in the bedroom, my sound system working and the Xbox near for some quick breaks.

I like you, UK. You can stay!

So,  2 weeks and counting in the United Kingdom. They still don’t suspect a thing >:) Highlights: – The people are very friendly. Creepishly friendly. – London is bloody awesome! – Bristol is a lovely town to live in. – Programmers are in high demand in this country. That’s good. – The weather. Downside: – …

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Dissertation 2013 exam just confirmed

Short one: Just got a confirmation on my thesis, the one I missed in 2012. It’s still valid for 2013. “Simulating a military strategy in a virtual environment using agents” Back to work for me, now.

Random dev thoughts

12/01/2013: Christmas + New Year are now officially over for both sides of my family so it’s time for me to get off my l**y a** and get back to coding. New Year’s resolution for Divide? Finish up the lighting/shadowing code (at least up to a usable level). Optimise the Hell out of it so …

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Development resumed

As mentioned in the previous post, I planned to do some major graphics refactoring (mostly lighting). The planned changed are now slowly being implemented in a new development branch: [ LightingUpdates ].   Also, I’m adding content to the [ Wiki ] now.

Major graphic pipeline refactoring and framework “upgrades?” *wink*

Due to my recent Beta invite to Planetside 2, I’ve been awestruck by the effect instant radiosity can have on night scenes. This led me thinking to the possibility of implementing a similar effect in my own rendering pipeline when all the settings are cranked up to high. To achieve this, I’ll try and implement …

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Temporary project standstill

I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but due to some personal issues (house reconstruction) my development PC’s are packed in boxes until ~10 September. Development should continue normally after that.   P.S. On the plus side: +1 in carpentering,  +2 in bricklaying , +2 in electrical wiring and +1 in roofing. Almost a …

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Animations, animations and animations …

Did someone say animations were easy? Even with the very useful and well written animation loader class from Scott at No Limits Designs (i.e. this), some things still don’t add up … First, his class is for D3D and that implies a lot of transposes around the code. Sorted … Secondly, he uses his own …

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Small updates

A small update to this [ Multi-Agent Framework Test 1 ] -New materials, shaders, shadows, collisions and so forth. Andsome deferred lighting. 30 random lights. Although all coding efforts are towards the forward renderer, the deferred renderer has not been left behind and was updated with the new RenderStateBlock system and the new shader structure. …

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DoxyGen documentation posted!

As of now [3-March-2012, 19:00 GMT], a new menu link has been added to the homepage linking to the newly generated DoxyGen Documentation. This documentation will be updated every 2 or 3 (major) revisions. Feel free to browse it as ALL source code is covered there.

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